Bespoke Design

sketchKate’s clients initially visit the studio for two reasons- they know they want a bespoke design as they have ideas of their dream dress and can’t find it in a ready-made, or they are fearful of the tiring process of trying on many different styles in many different shops and want a more personal individual approach.

Finding a wedding dress can be the most exciting part of wedding planning for some but for others it can be worrying and stressful. In feedback from many of this year’s clients, the process of having a bespoke dress designed which will fit them perfectly has been invaluable in keeping them calm and relaxed about how they will look and feel on their wedding day.

Kate will work with the bride from the initial design consultation, right through to fitting and finishing stage, which means they are quite often good friends by the time the wedding day arrives! There is a lot of pressure about how we look on important days such as your wedding day but if you are comfortable and feel confident in your dress, you will be radiant!